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Drive #8: Kings Peak Road

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Kings Peak Road Date Driven: 8/11/12 Length: Kings Peak Road to AW Way Park, 27.7 miles. 17 miles of dirt. My drive time: 1 hour, 32 minutes Start: intersection of Kings Peak Rd and Shelter Cove Road, N40º 02.330′ W124º 01.955′ End: A.W. Way County Park campground, N40º 16.145′ W124º 13.918′ GPS Track: GPX or […]

Drive #7: South Coast Ridge Road

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South Coast Ridge Road Dates Driven: 11/18/07 and 7/5-7/13 Length: NW end of SCRR to Highway 1 at the SW end of Los Burros Rd., 23.2 miles. almost all dirt. My drive time: 1 hour, 50 minutes Start: intersection of Nacimiento-Furgusson Rd and South Coast Ridge Road, N36º 00.587′ W121º 27.149′ End: Intersection of Los […]

South Coast Ridge Road – N35º 52.688′ W121º 24.133′

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We first explored a portion of South Coast Ridge Road (SCRR) back in November of 2007. Then perhaps two years ago I found myself discussing the area with a couple of “overlanding” buddies. One of them had recently camped there and was enthusiastic about the spot where they had camped, overlooking the Pacific. I duly […]