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Overland Rally & Workshop: Hollister Hills, 2011

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Shortly after purchasing Toyotie, I had registered for the second annual Overland Rally & Workshop at Hollister Hills. I had wanted to go to the first one in 2010, but at the time my budget had cratered and the Jeep needed a lot of work, so I had to pass. This time around I had […]

Toyotie, part 7: Getting to Know You

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I noticed something funny when we bought Toyotie. I’d seen countless photos of Land Cruisers, studied them online, crawled around inside one, and so on, but I didn’t really know them. Everything was a little different than what I was used to in the Jeep or other vehicles I’d owned. Sure, I pretty much immediately […]

Angel Island: Backpack and Fleet Week Air Show

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We had a busy and wonderful weekend at Angel Island. I’d been to Angel Island several times in the past, most recently a few years back for a pair of mountain biking & geocaching day visits. I’d never camped overnight on the island though so I was really looking forward to that. Luckily, I’d managed […]

Toyotie, part 6: About Those Mods…

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If you follow my blog for the hiking & backpacking posts, thanks for bearing with me as we return to the roots of this site with all the offroad vehicle posts. There are still a lot of those to come but next up will be a trip report and gallery from our backpacking trip to […]