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New Drives, ExPo M&G and Upcoming Events

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Site News If you follow my blog you probably know I’ve been busy lately, adding a lot of new posts in the Drives category. If memory serves, I’ve gone from ten drives to now having 22 of them, in the last month or so. And with that many Drives, hopefully the new Google Map has […]

First Aid Kit Maintenance

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I recently read an article titled “Clean Up, Clear Out For The New Year” by Badlands Offroad Adventures. (Thanks to The 4×4 Podcast for pointing it out!) It was a good article and the first item on their list of things to do was to make or buy a first a first aid kit (FAK), […]

Top 10 Things To Do Between Trips

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Downtime. That interminable space between road trips. Unless you’re overlanding full time, you’re going to have downtime between your trips. And if your budget is as battered as mine has been in 2013, it makes it worse with fewer trips and correspondingly longer breaks between. The way I deal with the downtime is to do […]

Administrative note: Email Updates and the RSS Feeds

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It seems that Google has finally let a major part of its FeedBurner acquisition die off. It had been working for the most part for several months, but the email notifications have finally gone bye-bye. That had an impact here as I’d been using FeedBurner for both RSS syndication and for email updates to those […]