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Back from Another Oregon Trip

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This year we spent about a week in Oregon for the Christmas holiday. We got back a few days ago and I’ve just started going through the many photos I took on the trip. Expect new posts and galleries as time permits. Our annual visits are primarily to visit family and this one was no […]

A Hike at Don Edwards National Wildlife Refuge

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On Sunday afternoon I managed to squeeze in about three and a half hours of hiking at Don Edwards NWR. I seem to end up there a few times a year, but it’s not someplace that is on my normal hiking rotation. Perhaps that’s because it’s totally flat, so it hardly seems like hiking. It […]

12 of 12: December, 2010

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I was thankful to see a 12 of 12 fall on a weekend for a change. Better yet, it was on a day when I planned to get out for a long hike. By the time the 12th had arrived though, the long hike plan had been replaced with a shorter version due to time […]