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N37° 35.888′ W121° 43.300′

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Fun geocaching on Lake Del Valle last weekend. I’m ready to go again! The weather was perfect too.  “A three hour tour, a three hour tour….”

Highs and Lows

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Last Sunday was eventful. There was the surprising result at the Grand Prix at Monza, for one thing. But that was just the start. After watching the race we made a family trip up to Stanford University. The campus is just loaded with interesting things, and I had identified three more spots I wanted to […]

Overdue Update

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Gee, who would ever expect a blog might go an entire month without an update? It seems so unlikely; how often can such a thing happen? 😉 One reason for the lack of updates (aka “excuse time”) has been the lack of interesting things to report. We hit a string of weather that was pretty […]