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Administrative Note

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I’ve been adding “new” blog posts with links to the galleries and other content that previously had only been listed on the site homepage. This will allow that content to show up in category searches here in the blog, which is one small step towards integrating my site content. Each of these older galleries/pages  gets […]

12 of 12, August 2010

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Between much tweaking of the new site look today, I managed to select, edit, caption, and upload the new 12 of 12 gallery. I’d apologize for the constant revision to the live site today, except that I don’t believe anyone other than me would be impacted. 🙂 I do enjoy working with HTML, CSS, WordPress, […]

Repairing an Aluminum Tent Pole

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I bought a Hobitat 4 tent at a recent REI used gear sale. This tent truly appeared to be brand new, but had been returned because two aluminum poles had been split at the ends. That probably happened when a new owner had tried to put the tent up the first time. (Indoors, it seemed […]

A New Look

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Today I flipped the switch on a new Theme for this blog. I’m pretty happy with it so far, but because I only have limited preview functionality (I don’t have a test or staging server, for example) there’s still much to do. Or attempt to do, anyway. I have eight items on my list to […]