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Thanksgiving Weekend

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Wow, I’ve really enjoyed this 4-day weekend. Being a contractor I don’t get paid holidays so it’s costing me, but it’s nice to have the time off. I certainly miss having vacation time… So it’s been great to get some rest, do some hiking and caching, spend time with the kid, etc. Speaking of the […]

Lost in the Wilds

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In the 1997 movie The Edge, Anthony Hopkins plays an eccentric billionaire (is there any other kind?) bookworm who is stranded in the Canadian wilderness with Alec Baldwin (poor guy) after their small plane goes down. Lucky for him, he’s in the process of reading a book called “Lost in the Wilds” which he uses […]

So what's new?

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As I type this, the Jeep is in the shop getting new rear axle shafts. (Edit: That would be two rear axle shafts, seals, and bearings. Oh and a transmission service while it’s there.) The M3 needs work done on it, but man is it still fun to drive. A great car. I have posts […]