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Yesterday’s drive started with one basic premise: that we were going to drive to the quaint town of Pescadero and get some bread.

On the tube, On the Rocks

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Xtreme4x4 has been in reruns for several weeks – or is it months? – now. Four Wheeler TV has been in reruns for even longer, and worse that that, lately they’d been running the same couple of episodes over and over again. (I finally killed the series recording for it on my DVR the other […]

Offroad and Backroad Books for Northern California, Part 5

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  Book reviewed: Ghost Towns of the Santa Cruz Mountains Ghost Towns of the Santa Cruz Mountains isn’t an essential book for your collection unless you’re looking to explore the history of the mountains, at which point it becomes key.

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Our afternoon trip to the enormous San Luis reservoir yesterday was nice, but a dead end as far as my mission was concerned. I was there to scout out the areas just south of the reservoir…