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N37° 11.510′ W121° 59.355′

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Yesterday afternoon, I dragged Allison out on a short little adventure to revisit the former town of Lexington, or what remains of it anyway. I have two geocaches hidden there to help point out these ruins to those that are interested in such things. Yesterday morning, someone logged a find on one and noted that […]

Thinking of the Backcountry

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  Between working on computers all day at work, then most of the evening again at home (the laptop installs are pretty much done, finally) my thoughts have often strayed to getting outside and hiking. But there’s no chance of that until this weekend at the earliest, so as a (poor) substitute I have updated […]

Crash and Burn

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After successfully updating several Windows XP machines to Service Pack 3 (sp3), I decided to take the plunge and update my laptop as well. This decision was a mistake of epic proportions. I won’t bore you with all the details, mainly because I don’t want to be typing this post for the next hour. In […]

N37° 11.649′W121° 56.246′

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      Yesterday I did a solo hike in Sierra Azul. It was hot – about 90°F. Too hot for all that uphill and all the exposed ridge hiking. Less than ten minutes into the hike I walked past a rattler, who ignored me, while I did the panic-jig away to put some space […]