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Toyotie, part 10: Taking Stock

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So… I’ve had Toyotie for a couple of months now. It came to me with a few key mods already in place. Since then, I’ve installed the ARB front bumper and Warn VR12000 winch, replaced the interior lights with LEDs, gotten the Sirius XM sat radio working, installed the RAM Mount for the iPad 2, […]

Toyotie, part 9: Seat Time

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Wrenching and upgrades are all well and good. But there’s more to getting to grips with a new vehicle. You have to actually drive the thing too. With Toyotie, things went about as you would expect. It started off as a daily driver as I figured out what exactly all those buttons did, how it […]

Toyotie, part 8: Front bumper & Winch Install

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I knew early on that I wanted to go with the ARB Deluxe (winch) front bumper for the Land Cruiser. It had an excellent reputation overall, and I loved the looks and functionality of the bumper. By ordering the bumper from Man-A-Fre at the same time as the auxiliary fuel tank, they could bundle them […]