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Overland Expo Road Trip: Day Two

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The sun rose far too early in the morning, waking me up with light that flooded my tent. I considered going back to sleep but I could hear Anthony rustling around in his rooftop tent, and Bryon was already up and going. I reluctantly dragged my butt out of the sleeping bag and got dressed. […]

Overland Expo Road Trip: Day One

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The road trip started, as usual, with me getting up far too early. Before 0600, if memory serves. I was meeting Anthony in south San Jose at the same kickoff location we use for many of the GBA offroad runs. It’s conveniently located by the intersection of two main highways, and the shopping center has […]

Overland Expo 2012 Road Trip

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I’m back from our epic Overland Expo road trip! And I’ve been a basket case every since. I really need to catch up on my sleep but the buzz from the trip has kept me going… It was a nine-day trip with a couple of days offroading across the Mojave Road trail, several amazing days […]