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Henry Coe Backcountry – Trail Data

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Here are two tables of Henry Coe trail data that were in my old Yahoo 360 blog that I finally moved over here, so they won’t get lost at some point. The first chart uses Orestimba Corral as the starting point, whole the second uses Pacheco Creek Crossing. They could use some tidying but for […]


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Apologies for the somewhat low-brow humor, but I laughed my tush off at this. (Did I really just apologize for low-brow humor on the internet?!?) So, I’m reading the wikipedia entry for internet domain names, when I encounter this gem: “Intercapping is often used to clarify the meaning of a domain name. However, DNS is […]

Random Updates

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As promised in the Stanford Museum post, here’s the (very) small gallery. Supply your own captions. 🙂 I attended Bud Gawlik’s memorial service at Henry Cowell State Park. Despite the sadness of the occasion, it was a perfect event with fun remembrances of a special person. It’s just how I’d want to be remembered. I’m […]