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GBES Navigational Rally 2006

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This was our first rally of any kind, ever. We were planning to ask some questions and get some practice at the scheduled “rally school” on Friday afternoon, but things were running so far behind schedule that it was cancelled. And so our first rally experience started with us being sent off into the night, […]

4th Annual GBES Navigational Rally

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Wow, what can I say about this… Our second GBES Navigational Rally and we took home the 2nd place overall! We missed first place by just a few points. We also brought home third place driver and navigator for the day portion of the rally. Best of all, we had an absolute blast!!! The rally […]

Hollister Hills III

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Two days, two trips to “south county.’ Saturday was offroading at Hollister Hills and picking up a few caches with ProTechCC (Bill) and Leslie in their new JK. Sunday was a family trip in the Jeep down to San Juan Bautista and Fremont Peak. Hollister Hills III – Gallery