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Another Oregon Road Trip – December, 2015

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Christmas season meant it was time for another Oregon road trip. Because our usual winter trip last year had been delayed until February, this was technically our second trip there in 2015. The trip was pretty standard. We didn’t blaze any new ground, unfortunately, due to time and family constraints and also some serious winter […]

12 of 11, er, 12… September, 2015.

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My first 12 of 12 in some time… Thanks to Snuva for the timely reminder nudge! Of course, the only problem was she reminded me on the 11th, before I’d had my coffee, so I merrily went and took all my photos… on the wrong day. Even though I knew it was the 11th, really. […]

4th Annual Hollister Hills Geocache Bash

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Since my last post, we have relocated to Manteca, California, about an hour east of our former city of San Jose where I lived for 24 years. It was The Move From Hell and boy are we glad it’s over! We like our new, much smaller town, and there’s a whole new area for me […]

Oregon 2015 Road Trip and Photo Gallery

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With our Oregon 2015 Road Trip completed, all of our gear put away, and all of the photo and video work done, it’s time to wrap things up with a trip blog post, don’t you think? The trip covered nine days and probably around 2,000 miles of vehicle travel, mostly in the Land Cruiser. About […]