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The Lost Coast, Part Three

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When I left off in Part One and Part Two, we’d just completed Usal Road and arrived back at pavement at Four Corners. From there we drove north on Chemise Mountain Road, which was much like a (mostly) paved version of Usal Road. Before long we reached Shelter Cove Road and began the big downhill […]

The Lost Coast, Part Two: Usal Road & Beach

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Since my friends Anthony & Astrid (@Overlandnomads) were heading up to the Lost Coast area just a week after our trip, followed a few weeks later by friends Lou & Nancy (@OnlyDirtRoads), I quickly threw together what information I had that might be of value in their trip planning. I’m now reproducing that information here, […]

The Lost Coast, Part One

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The Lost Coast The Lost Coast really came to my attention when we went on our first group offroading trips back in 2002. I’d heard the term before, and knew from a previous road trip up the California and Oregon coasts that it was an area where the highways went inland, strangely bypassing the far-western […]