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Jeep Update III: "Hello, computer."

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The new/refurb’d computer arrived at the shop yesterday and went in this morning. Everything now works like it should, hooray! It’s definitely not as nice as getting a new Mac but at least the Jeep purrs on all six cylinders again. On the downside, the driveline vibration that started the day before yesterday turned out […]

Jeep Update II: Exhaust Header & Ignition Wiring

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Shiny new exhaust header The 4.0L six-cylinder engine as found in many Jeeps – including mine – has a tendency to run hot. They seem more prone to this as they age, although there certainly can be different factors at play. My engine doesn’t usually run too hot. Once the outside temperatures reach the 90s […]

Jeep Update I: CB Speaker Upgrade

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Broken plastic bracket on old CB external speaker At RadioFest earlier this year, I picked up what appeared to be an OEM version of the Icom external speaker that I use for the ham radio in my Jeep. It cost a small fraction of the Icom-branded speaker but I wasn’t sure it would work as […]

4th of July Camping

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We took Allison camping for the first time on the 4th of July last year, and its success prompted a repeat trip this year. I was going to pick a different park this time, but it was booked up far in advance so I decided a return to Grant Ranch was the best bet. I […]