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On Sunday, August 10th, I met up with Steve (Workerofwood) and Dave (Fizzymagic) for a day of targeted geocaching. We’d identified several geocaches in the Santa Cruz area that looked to be much more fun than the average, generic geocache – to us, anyway. We’d stop for some of the normal, everyday caches when one […]


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I was hoping to have completed a gallery and comments about my fun day geocaching around Santa Cruz last Sunday, but I’ve just had too much going on. In the meantime, I thought I would point to Cap’n Finder’s blog where he was a nice post about his recent trip. He visits the wonderful little […]

N37° 25.706′ W121° 58.810′

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“Here, kitty kitty….” Yesterday, this little fellow cut across the trail just ahead of us while on a family walk in Alviso. We hit the brakes and gave him all the room he wanted. While he put his tail up in warning, happily that was as far as he took it. This was only about […]

On expedition, old bean?

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The Royal Geographical Society (RGS) publishes the Expedition Handbook. I’ve read excerpts from it and found it to be interesting from an overland driving and offroading perspective. Sample chapters are available as free downloads from the RGS website. Included among the samples is a chapter on desert expeditions and another on vehicle-dependent expeditions, both by […]