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N35° 58.290′ W 121° 27.185′ – Part II

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Or should I say, “the part with useful information”? My friend Andy and I decided to do a full day trip down to explore the South Coast Road, which was in several of my guidebooks: Backcountry Adventures: Southern California (see Central mountains #49) California Coastal Byways (see Tours #21 and #23) Northern California Backroads and […]

N35° 58.290' W 121° 27.185'

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Two miles from the Pacific Ocean, at elevation 3,222′. Detailed blog post coming next week. Image gallery now up.

Offroad and Backroad Books for Northern California

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This is the first post in a series which will discuss offroad and backroad books that cover the San Francisco Bay Area and Northern California. Since it’s the first, I’ll go over the ground rules…

GBA Offroad t-shirts

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Our Geocachers of the Bay Area offroad group t-shirts are now available, for the few that are interested. 🙂