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Update: Field Kitchen Project

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While at Overland Expo 2013, I made sure to check out as many camp kitchens as I could. I knew that I wanted a proper chuck box for my own kitchen setup, and I really needed to get one prior to moving forward with that ongoing project. There wasn’t much point in buying things that […]

My New aStore

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While working on new posts about my camp kitchen project, using the iPad for vehicle navigation, our weekend in the Sierra, etc., I also threw together my new Amazon Affiliate store. It’s still a work in progress but you can check it out now. I get some absurdly small referral fee for anything you buy […]

More on our Mojave Road Experience

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Bryon of Exploring Elements has put up a great blog post about our time on the Mojave Road. There are photos,  a fun time-lapse GoPro video, and Bryon’s recounting of the drive. He’s also included links to his large gallery of photos on Facebook, Anthony’s blog posts, and more.  Check it out!