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Oregon, 2010: Gallery #3

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Blah blah blah…. Third gallery! 😀

Allison’s Longest Hike (Ever)

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Allison did her longest hike today, 6.7 miles at Coyote Lake – Harvey Bear Park, so I’m a proud daddy. Not bad for a seven year old! The park was beautiful again today. We were there two weeks ago, when it was much muddier in places. Today it was up to about 70F and just […]

12 of 12, January, 2011

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We interrupt the Oregon trip galleries to bring you our regularly-scheduled 12 of 12 gallery for January. It looks like there will be two more Oregon trip galleries. It looks like I also have three other galleries in the wings, if I decide to use all of them.

Oregon, 2010: Gallery #2

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Well, the first gallery may have covered four days of our trip, but the new gallery covers just one! Our much-overdue visit to the Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum in McMinnville really gave my camera a workout. (“Cameras” really, since in the absence of my wide-angle variable lens for my Canon dSLR, I relied on […]