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Toyotie: The Particulars

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I recently did a quick (and exceptionally overdue) facelift on the rest of my website. As one of many updates I had in mind, it occurred to me that I should create an overview page for my Land Cruiser, rather than forcing anyone interested to sift through numerous old blog posts. So I’m detailing Toyotie […]

Unpacking after a Road Trip

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Because the Land Cruiser is also my daily driver, when I return home from a road trip I inevitably need to unload the vast amounts of crap vital equipment I’d brought with me. It would be different if I was a “real” overlander who was on the road in his rig full-time. In that scenario, […]

Welcome to Last Year!

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So there I was, relaxing at our campsite at Mountain Rendezvous 2012, chatting with Astrid of Overland Nomads. We were kicking back and talking about interesting places, or hotels, or the northern California area, or something to that effect. Or, more likely, all of the above and then some. Anyway, somehow I ended up mentioning […]

Mountain Rendezvous 2012, N34º 09.913′ W116º 53.697′

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I awoke at o-dark-thirty, pushed myself up and forced my reluctant eyes to focus on the clock. The alarm would be going off in two minutes, lovely… So I dragged my rear out of bed, regretting that I had gone to sleep very late the previous night. Still, it’s always different when you’re getting up […]