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Toyotie part 1: Of Toyotas and Jeeps

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Here’s the first of what is sure to be a heck of a lot of posts about the new Land Cruiser. Mods will be landing on this thing like flies on a picnic spread, so there will be a lot of material. If you’re not interested in this sort of thing, you might want to […]

Jeep Update VI: Yes, I said six.

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After much cursing and beating upon things – not to mention bashing my hand with a two-pound sledge, which I don’t recommend – the steering stabilizer was off and the bushings replaced. It wasn’t too much of a challenge to remove the stabilizer this time, but getting one of the old bushings out came down […]

Jeep Update V: Small Stuff

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Googling some Jeep wrenching information brought me to several helpful articles on, including one I didn’t even remember I needed. The article on replacing the seat release cable reminded me that while my driver seat still folded forward using the release tab, it no longer slid forward and tumbled as it used to. While […]

Jeep Update IV: Up Your Shaft

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Driveshaftium Borkus Wow, two title quotes from Star Trek’s Scotty in a row… I promise I’ll stop now. 😀 And a warning in advance: this is another post filled with gearhead content. You’ve been warned. Anyway, the rear driveshaft (AKA a tailshaft) has been fixed. It’s obvious that a U-joint had been causing some minor […]