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Backpacking at Frog Lake

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For Memorial Day weekend, 2011, I decided that we should hike to Frog Lake at Henry Coe S.P. The governor’s threat to close this park (among others) featured in my decision, along with my daughter’s requests that we go camping again. I’d been to Frog Lake before and knew that the family would appreciate not […]

Backpacking: Lightening the Load

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You don’t have to be a fanatical gram-counter to benefit from lightening your backpacking load. What does help is taking something of an analytical approach to your gear. What’s needed is a simple but honest evaluation of what you’re carrying: Will you use this item? Could you do without it? Or is there a lighter […]

Welcome Back, 2002

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  Today I refreshed another ancient gallery page with an updated version. This gallery is for our Cisco Butte and Signal Peak offroad trip in the Sierra we did with a large CA4WDC group. There are “new” photos, and the images are larger and benefit from improved editing. I hope you enjoy it.

12 of 12 of 12 of 12 of 12!

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Or maybe just “48 of 12”? Anyway, better late than never, right? Without further ado – which would make them even a few seconds later than they already are – here are my 12 of 12 galleries for February, March, April, and May, 2011.