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N44° 39.253′ W123° 49.063′

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We’re currently in Oregon for the holidays, and naturally when Oregon is experiencing some of its biggest winter storms in decades. This includes record snowfall in the Portland area and it surely made for some interesting driving on our way here. Some of the major routes to the coast from I-5 were closed, and at […]

Book Review: Day Trips, Roaming the Backroads of Northern California

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(I’m finally getting back to adding to my reviews of books on Northern California’s backroads and off-roads. The next one may have to wait until after the holidays though.) By Peter Browning. 198 pages, about 6 x 8 3/4”. This is often one of my “go-to” books when I’m looking for someplace to drive to […]

Random Thoughts, Dec. 10th

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In no particular order: 1. Snuva’s Blog has had quite a lot of updates lately. It’s nice to have more good reading material at hand… Thanks! 2. On a related bloggy note, I discovered that I’d only been linking to the geocaching section of Cap’n Finder’s blog in my blogroll here. I’ve corrected that, and […]

Point Bonita

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Quick post…. A few pics from our visit to Point Bonita two weeks ago are up. We were lucky and had wonderfully good, warm weather. It was a little windy, but not bad at all, and definitely nothing you could complain about for mid-November on the Bay. It’s a wonderful area, and we got to […]