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"Fifi Cahoots?"

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Well, that was Sam’s nickname for this trail, and it’s stuck. I like it. I’ve had several alternative names for different places or trails. For example, there is a small Santa Clara county park called Chictactac-Adams. I always think of it as Chicklet-Tic-tac-Adams. (Think of it: an entire park devoted to small candies!) The real […]

Oregon Trip 2009 – Part Three

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It’s well past time for bed so without further ado here is the third Oregon trip gallery more later goodnight everyone! ;D

12 of 12, December, 2009: Disaster

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I really like the 12 of 12 concept, which is to document a day in your life no matter how ordinary it may seem. This month, I managed to utterly fail this basic task, simply because I only remembered to actually take photographs a few times during the day. There were plenty of things I […]

Oregon Trip 2009 – Part Two

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Gallery Two, of four planned, is up!