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K&N vs. My Jeep's Air Conditioning

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Last year, the AC in my Jeep stopped working. There was a leak somewhere in the system. I had it diagnosed by a shop which concluded that the condenser needed to be replaced. This is about an $1100 job on the TJ Wrangler, mostly because of labor. The dash has to be pretty much entirely […]

Fear and Worship Me, Or Else

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  This sort of approach doesn’t exactly work as inspiration for me. Quite the opposite, really. I was reminded of Gary Numan’s Exile CD…. “In his mercy He will make pain eternal…”

Sunday Drive: N37° 20.497′W121° 38.566'

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The view into the hazy Santa Clara Valley and beyond, from one of my favorite places.  

Radiator Guard and other Brush Defenses

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After the drive up the overgrown shelf road at Slate Mountain a few weeks ago, I started thinking more about protection from brush and tree limbs. It was something I’d not had to worry about much in the past, other than the nice “pinstriping” my Jeep has received. I’m not sure how I can better […]