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Today was a good day, spent on the backroads (both paved and dirt) with my daughter and my friend Tony. We visited several geocaches, and located several benchmarks as well. We saw a golden eagle perched on a large fencepost, a cottontail rabbit, and something that could have been a mountain lion or just about […]

Offroad and Backroad Books for Northern California, Part 6

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Backroads of Northern California and Ghost Towns of Northern California Backroads and ghost towns are both things that I enjoy very much, so it’s nice to be able to recommend both of these books from Voyageur Press. Both are billed as “pictorial discovery guides” which I think is a rather good description. Neither book is […]

The Answer: 15

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The Question: How many zerks did I grease on my Jeep this morning? This should have been the 6th or 7th time since I bought my Jeep. It took a lot of time rolling around on my creeper under the Jeep, and it was more of a mess than usual. I had to reload the […]

Jack Rack Mount

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If ever there was a Google image search query that you don’t want to do with the safe search mode off, it’s the unfortunate combination jack rack mount. You’ve been warned. I’d been looking for a good way to carry my Hi-Lift Jack in/on my Jeep for some time now…