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Jeep Update IV: Up Your Shaft


Driveshaftium Borkus

Wow, two title quotes from Star Trek’s Scotty in a row… I promise I’ll stop now. 😀

And a warning in advance: this is another post filled with gearhead content. You’ve been warned.

Anyway, the rear driveshaft (AKA a tailshaft) has been fixed. It’s obvious that a U-joint had been causing some minor vibration issues for some time, but these escalated to epic proportions when a cap broke off.


Crummy cellphone pic shows broken cap on driveshaft U-Joint (center arrow) and where the broken joint has battered the opening.


How it’s supposed to look: the rebuilt driveshaft joint. Ooooh, aaaah.

I’d asked my shop to look at the U-joints several months ago but they weren’t able to identify any specific trouble. Given its state this time around, it took them about sixty seconds to spot the broken part & other damage.

Anyway, the bad parts have been replaced and the rest of the driveshaft was blessed as still being in fine shape, and after a couple of days driving around as a front-wheel drive Jeep (weird!) everything is back as it should be. Between the header replacement, ignition and computer fixes, the Jeep runs and rides smoother than it has in ages. The difference is just amazing.


BEFORE: the rear driveshaft is off of transfer case, which is covered with dirt, mud, and grease spatters from U-Joint, etc.


AFTER: Rebuilt driveshaft is on, and I’ve cleaned off most of the rear of the transfer case, the speedo gear assembly, etc.


Speaking of the speedo gear, this is what a new one looks like.

There’s still some small fixes needed here and there (like a possible sticky/lazy fuel injector for cylinder #6) that I’m working on, but hopefully all of the larger issues are settled. Until the next one crops up, anyway!

Images link to larger (600×800) versions.

August 2nd, 2009 at 11:10 am

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