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Near the end of May 2002 we were on our way to work as usual when a guy in a 2000 Silverado did his best impression of an Anti-Jeep missile on us. He was running late, having a bad morning, etc. and so shot out of a gas station to cross 2 oncoming lanes, a double-yellow line, a turn lane, and finally into our lane right in front of us - all without bothering to look in our direction first! We were going about 35mph and then I hit the brakes but it was way too late, I just wasn't able to avoid this totally unexpected and inexplicable move. My front-left smacked his front-right and the aftermath is shown below.

The guy was very apologetic, admitted it was his fault, etc. Fortunately, there were no injuries other than a minor headache I had that evening, and a few aspirin took care of that. There are more details to the story but the short version is that my Jeep was in the shop nearly a month, mostly sitting there waiting for the adjuster, or for parts to arrive. The rest of the details are below. I (finally) have the Jeep back and if you're seeing this page then all of the insurance reimbursments, etc. have gone through.

47084bInitially, I thought that this was the extent of my damage, along with a very faint bumper ding. I was very, very surprised. The turn lense had multiple cracks (the bulbs still worked) and the fender was seriously scuffed up but it wasn't cracked or broken.
silverado2Meanwhile, here's the culprit. This wasn't exactly a small or light truck!
silverado1Here's his damage - bad but could have been much worse. I don't know what other damage, if any, he may have had that wasn't obvious here.
47084gOK, so we exchange info and we're on our way - or maybe not. As I turned to drive off I felt the wheel rub and thought "Uh-oh, never done that before." So I got out and found this unpleasant sight. You can see where the tire was rubbing the arm, and check out that axle bracket!
47084aHere's that bracket from the front. Doh!
47084cHere's the other side, also mushed-over but not so mangled.
47084fThen I notice that when I start to drive straight, the steering wheel looks like this! Time to limp the few blocks home and call for a rental car, after I call the insurance company...
47084eSo it looks like my front-left wheel took much of the impact. Large, inflated rubber is a pretty good cushion so that may have helped to minimize the damage. If my tires didn't extend past the fender I'm sure that the fender would have been toast and there would probably have been body damage to go with it. Anyway, this is a shot from the front, showing how far the driver's side tire sticks out from the fender *after* the collision.
47084dAnd here's the passenger side. A big difference, eh? So now I realize that my axle is maybe an inch or more to the right of where it was. *sigh* My poor Jeep...
47131bAftermath: New axle brackets welded on. Rather than replace the whole axle case, we decided to go with fab'd replacement brackets that were better than the originals. These are 1/4" thick steel, with essentially a built-in skidplate. Not pretty, but I like these a lot. This was also less expensive so it saved the other guy's insurance company a lot of money at the same time.
47131cBetter shot of one of the new brackets. They also have much more area attached to the axle. These should be really tough.
47131aThe new, heavy-duty tie rod. You gotta like it when the shop owner (Jeff) says to just go ahead and bash it into rocks, it can take it. :)

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