Jeep TJ Photojournal - Hollister Hills, September 2001

Image numbers correspond to odometer reading when picture was taken. An asterisk indicates approximate mileage.

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Hollister Hills September 2001 (this page)
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36630aFirst real offroading in the Jeep courtesy Esprit De Four club, September 2001. Another Wrangler practices backing down a hill.
36630bCarrie at the wheel. You can almost see some articulation in the factory suspension. :D
36630cCarrie waits her turn at the hillside stall n' start.
36630dCarrie having fun at the wheel.
36636aStock Disco at the multi-purpose course, other vehicles in background.
36636dI try my hand at "frame-twister" (sounds ominous!)
36636eWhile the nice spotter says "Go thattaway." I think "I wonder what part of my new Jeep's underbody just whacked on a rock?"
36636fStill having fun on frame-twister
36636gProbably couldn't do this in the old Saturn.
36636iCarrie (aka "leadfoot") comes zipping in. Gulp! Maybe I shouldn't watch....
36636jWhew, looks like she'll make it.
36636kVroom! Heading down towards the stairs.
36636mAm I going to make it up?
12345Maybe not! Lousy open diffs! This was easy for those with lockers while those without suffered repeatedly.
36636pA few well-placed rocks solve the problem on a subsequent attempt.
36636qAlmost at the top, this is easy once you get going...
36636rMade it.
36638cHollister hills. :)
36639aNice scenery as we head downhill.
36639Another shot of same.
36640Parking lot at the end of the day.

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