Jeep TJ Photojournal - Thanksgiving, 2001

Image numbers correspond to odometer reading when picture was taken. An asterisk indicates approximate mileage.

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Hollister Hills September 2001
Oregon Road Trip Thanksgiving Weekend, 2001 (this page)
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38710*First of many trip pictures from around Thanksgiving 2001. Whiskeytown Lake, near Redding.
38730*Trinity County line.
38773aTrinity River along Highway 299. Beautiful area.
38810Lunch at Bigfoot Burger further West on 299.
38883bLarge rock outcropping at Patrick's Point State Park, on the coast.
38883cView out to cliffside ("Wedding Rock?") at Patrick's Point.
38883dReverse view, looking back at parking lot from cliffs.
38920*Elk herd along Highway 1
39003Coffee Heaven.
39100a*Fall colors in Grant's Pass.
39100b*Hotel room view of one of the Grant's Pass bridges. Raining.
39300a*Bambi stops to visit. Road's End, north of Lincon City.
39300b*Carrie outside her parent's house after we got soaked by a wave down on the beach. (Trivia: cowboy boots full of wet sand take forever to dry out!)
39300c*Intruder alert!
39300d*The Jeep says "Don't let this happen to me!"Out in the boonies near Colton.
39300e*Thanksgiving at Aunt Lisa's log cabin. Perfect! High-contrast image so everything isn't as dark.
39323Scenic islet in Lincoln City.
39341bUSCG Helo in action around LC shorline.
39341cHelo again.
39341dAnd again.
39345Yaquina Head lighthouse.
39349Newport's great Art Deco bridge.
39622aHeading home. In the snowstorm a bit North of Grant's Pass.
39623*More snowstorm.
39624*Still snowing. Don't get much of this back home.
39670*Interesting terrain, Hwy 199 just North of Cal./Oregon border.
39698aRest stop, just inside California. What the heck is all this cold white stuff?
39698aMe, smiling because I'm not the Ducati rider that's in the restroom trying to defrost his hands under the hand dryer. :)
39698cSame location, just before heading South.
39744*By the Smith River, Hwy 199 still. I really like this photo.
39754On Hwy 1 South of Crescent City, the sun hides behind clouds over the Pacific, a little before sunset.

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