Independence Day Weekend Mods (25 images)

I finally ordered a Garvin Willderness Expedition rack, and once it was on that meant it was finally time to mount the old Hella worklight and the motorized ham radio antenna mount, plus some spiffy new driving lights up front.

I shopped around and then ordered the Rack from Quadratech after receiving an appallingly expensive quote for ordering the rack and installing it from my local Sports Rack store. Ordering the rack myself saved me $200(!!!) to start, plus I think $70 in tax, then installing it myself saved me another $160. I purchased the rack, 4 light mounts, and a pair of IPF 900XS lights for less than just the rack plus install quote.

When I ordered the rack, lights, etc. was quoted 7-10 days to receive everything. The rack itself was on my doorstep less than 48 hours later, having drop-shipped from Garvin in El Cajon. The light mounts arrived a couple of days later and the lights a few days after that.

On to the installation and all the details...

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