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Road trips and my Jeep - a great combination! For me anyway. I'm a big fan of both.

Hopefully you are as well, otherwise much of this may be mind-numbingly boring to you.

Someday, I really, really need to clean this up and present it properly....

Mods, etc.
Hollister Hills September 2001
Oregon Road Trip Thanksgiving Weekend, 2001
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A Minor Accident and Repairs
Henness Pass Road Trip! - August 2002
Weekend Wheelin' - September 2002
Front Speaker Upgrade
Hollister Hills II March 2003
Old Coast Road November 2005
GBES Navigational Rally in Nevada June 2006
Morning Mountain Run July 4, 2006
New mods! Roof rack, lights, etc. Independence Day Weekend, 2006
Santa Cruz Mountain Family Drive August, 2006
Brief visit to Frank Raines OHV October, 2006
Carnegie OHV November, 2006
Hollister Hills III and San Juan Bautista December, 2006
Oregon Holiday Road Trip December, 2006
Clear Creek and New Idria ghost town January, 2007
Tassajara Road February, 2007

35853dTJ on a very short dirt road, atop a hill in south San Jose, August 2001.
35853eSame road, better image. The Warn XD-8000i winch has only been on a few days at this point.
35862cRustic old barn.
35924aRedwood tree "guardshack."
35924dOn small wooden bridge over a stream, rural Los Gatos.
35924eRedwoods, same area.
35988IBM's Silicon Valley Labs, behind the.... cows.
35997When exploring backroads, this scene is pretty common.
36124*"Blair Witch Road" on the outskirts of San Jose.
36290bKings Mountain Road, Woodside, just East of Hwy 35 intersection. Note moss on phone lines.
36290cWider shot of same.
36292aFoggy Santa Cruz mountains. Shortly after 9/11.
36292bFog covers mossy trees and stumps.
36299aFarm fort built from hay bails.
36329bJeep's first visit to the shoreline, lighthouse in background.
36892aSummer Drill: Late September, 2001. TJ next to the pond at a scenic (restricted-access) location in the hills near Los Gatos.
36892bSummer Drill: American flag back-lit by sunrise.
36892cSummer Drill: Early morning shot from across pond.
36892dSummer Drill: TJ as radio relay on hilltop.
36893bSummer Drill: Rope rescue training in progress. TJ in background brought cold drinks to tired searcher teams. Silicon Valley beyond.
37024aOctober: time for pumpkins.
43343aRosicrucian Egyptian Museum.
43803Highway 9 overlook. Feb. 2002.
43812Another overlook, Highway 9 or 236.
45077bJust a few of the Jeeps outside of Jeff Arabia's shop in Los Gatos.
45077cJeff's personal money pit. As shown here, they fabricate their own bombproof rear bumper/carrier with several available options.
45180aApril 2002: Very large (356k, 1024x768) but nice image of Jeep on same hilltop spot as the first image on this page, 35853d. Sort of "before and after lift" images. Also a nice comparison of dry/summer San Jose vs. springtime when things are still very green.
47165Doh! This road leads to a pretty, secluded valley with a few farms, and I assume that's still the case but as you can see there are now gates blocking the way. Sad, but I can't say I blame them as the ugly housing complexes get closer all the time...
47166Old truck out to pasture, not far from the gates.
47279La Casa Grande, a classic revival-style mansion built in 1854 and used for decades as the official residence of (mercury) mining company superindendents. The six acre grounds were later landscaped by John McLaren, designer of San Francisco's Golden Gate Park. Now home to the New Almaden Quicksilver Mining Museum.
47698Fields in full bloom, across the road from where I work.
50450*September 2002, Hwy 35 (Skyline) near Woodside: Carrie props up Jeep with her head.
52550a*Summer Drill 2002. This TJ belongs to one of the guys on my search team, Doug. It also has the RE 4.5" lift, as well as a nice custom rack with swingaway ladder, Ox lockers, ARB front winch bumper with Warn winch, etc.
52550b*Summer Drill 2002. Leaving Sunday afternoon, I'm thinking that trail up the little hill looks like more fun. It was.
53611aVisting the old Nike missile base in the Marin headlands, on the other side of the Golden Gate bridge from San Francisco.
53611bNice view from here of the bridge and the city by the bay.
53611cGuns of Navarone? No, just old coastal defense structures from WWII.
53611dYou walk through this "mini Gibralter" via a rough-hewn tunnel to get to the light house. You also cross a large pedestrian suspension bridge on the other side.
53611eAt the tunnel entrance.
53611fThe TJ parked in front of your average, everyday well-ventilated hill. Nope, no concealed fortifications 'round here.
53611gOK, you may find this next picture hard to believe. It's really a one-in-a-million shot, and I'll probably never witness it again in my lifetime. Yes, it's that amazing. It's... a Lexus RX300 and ALL FOUR WHEELS ARE (pause for dramatic effect) OFF THE PAVEMENT! It's like it's offroading, kind of! Simply amazing!!! They're actually not on pavement of any kind! This must be a first! I bet the owners washed, waxed and buffed those tires when they got home, or maybe they just paid someone to replace them. (Was that sarcastic enough? :)
53613*Artsy tunnel shot. If driving through a narrow tunnel in earthquake country isn't incentive enough to get you to drive through quickly, this tunnel is one way and traffic alternates going through via timed signals.
54000*The Jeep showing the effects of lunch break stress-relief from work.
55219First of four large (1024x768) images from our December, 2002 Oregon trip: Mount Shasta.
55422One of the two adjacent bridges in Grant's Pass.
55684Road's End, Oregon.
56050*Tough conditions in the Siskayous on the way home, in 4WD High traveling at around 25mph for quite a few miles down I-5. The highway had a layer of ice with snow on top of that, and bare asphalt was seen only in occasional narrow patches.
58960*On display at our first annual employee car show at work.
59700*Roadside, shot from a higher point for a different perspective.
59880*Another roadside shot while stopped for some outdoor photography, November '03.
87360*Bullit took this pic of the Jeep at the edge of a still snowed-in parking lot at an overlook point in the Sierras.
87456*We and others ascend steep and narrow Ricky Canyon in the Pinenut mountains on the GBES 2006 Rally. Photo by Yamar.
87466*Another very nice Yamar photo, including the "Team Kerblammo" Jeep on the left.
87475*"Team Kerblammo" in action at the rally.
87505*After the rally we woke up to a flat (some others had the same experience) and airing up left the sound of the air whistling past the nail so we changed the tire.
87678*Sidewall damage to Pro Comp MT 33 right/rear sidewall, from GBES Rally in Nevada. No leakage from this damage or the less-bad gouges on the same sidewall, but the nail between the treadblocks was another story.
88258aNot wanting to spend $85 for the Garvin axe and shovel brackets (which were probably heavy as heck like their light brackets) I fabbed my own from 1/4" anodized aluminum and Quick Fist rubber holders. Here's the shovel up on the rack.
88258bCloseup of shovel handle gripped in place. Cost for materials for a pair of my bracket/holders was about $15. This helped offset the $185 it cost me to replace the windshield which was cracked in half(!) after the blazing hot sun expanded what had been a small 1" crack.
88258cPic of homemade brackets from back. I thought about painting them black to match the rack but it really wasn't that important to me. I'll do it if they start to weather poorly.
88652This image shows all of the recent roof rack additions. You can't really make out the dual-band ham antenna, but it's there in the raised position.
88940*Off the beaten track at the former Hamilton AFB.
91101*At The Junction again, east of Mt. Hamilton.
91680*The former Air Force station (often called "the box") atop Mt. Umunhum peeks through the fog.
91800A*The day after the mud runs at Carnegie... Dried mud on the winch.
91800B*After 90 minutes of blasting with the hose, most of the mud and rocks are finally off the Jeep... And on my driveway.
91800C*Another 90 minutes, this time cleaning up the driveway. Man that was dumb! LOL
92015*On the way up the dirt road through the redwoods at Mt. Madonna, November 2006.
95555*The latest mishap, a gift from bottoming out on the sand at Oregon Dunes: The right/rear shock bushing at the top has been distorted and shoved out of position. It looks like the top loop has had a chip taken out of it as well. This thing rattled around like crazy at Clear Creek. This was a Doetsche Tech shock with roughly 60k miles on it. Replacement rear shocks (Rubicon Express monotube) have been installed.
95811A*This is what the top of the shock, the loop and bushing, should look like. Well, if they were clean anyway.
95811B*And this is your top loop and bushing on drugs... Or after the bushing's been cracked, deformed, and pushed out of the top loop, leaving the latter to get badly battered.

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