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Ok, enough of the mangled box. The second box for the floor rails is fine. I get everything out and finally locate the directions which I have time to look through for a couple of days before I'll be able to start on the install. Some observations on the instructions:

- Overall, the instructions are quite good and very clear, with some minor exceptions. There is a customer support number (not free) listed which is nice, and even better, I didn't need it.

- There were some things in the instructions that caused me concern. First, before drilling holes into the Jeep body they want you to cover the drill spots with something called "masting tape." There's no such thing as masting tape, trust me. It's called masking tape.

- For reasons that escape me, I receive a packet of two sets of the same instructions that are all stapled together.

- I find it odd to be asked to drill a 3/8" hole for a 5/16" bolt.

- There was one part of the instructions where you are instructed to lift the body of the Jeep with "a long screwdriver or pry bar." You can see the pry bar I used in the picture above. No one should be telling you to use a screwdriver as a pry bar, so that set off warning bells. As it was, the prybar was up to the task but I think I would have wrecked any of my large screwdrivers.

Bolts and other hardware came in labeled packs as shown in the pic, although you'll have to guess as their terminology a bit when you go looking for a given pack. I had no missing hardware - excellent! - and in fact ended up with a spare washer and locknut.