This page is designed as a trip planning reference for the Henry Coe Backcountry Weekend. Use at your own risk, please.

Some coordinates, mostly trail intersections:

Bell Station turnoff of Hwy 152 N37 02.166' W121 18.720'
Backcountry Weekend check-in area N37 02.348' W121 18.623'
County Line Road & Dutch's trail (Tiedown on post) N37 10.530' W121 22.523'
Orestimba Creek Road and Kingfisher Pond trail N37 11.275' W121 23.157'
Orestimba Creek Road and Mustang Pond trail N37 12.583' W121 21.979'
Orestimba Creek Road and Long Ridge Road N37 13.441' W121 21.893'
Orestimba Creek Rd. and Rooster Comb Trail (south) N37 14.092' W121 21.472'
Orestimba Creek Rd. and Rooster Comb Trail (north) N37 15.412' W121 20.924'
Orestimba Creek Rd. and Robison Creek/Trail N37 16.897' W121 21.307'
County Line Road & Board Spring trail N37 11.181' W121 24.635'
County Line Rd & Horse Camp Rd (pacheco camp on post) N37 11.332' W121 24.771'
County Line Rd & Hartman trail N37 11.849' W121 24.778'
County Line Rd & Alquist trail N37 10.280' W121 24.559'
County Line Rd & Bear Mtn Peak trail N37 11.923' W121 24.864'
County Line Rd & Mississippi Lake trail (south end) N37 12.135' W121 24.960'
County Line Rd & Bear Spring Rd (willow ridge on post) N37 12.490' W121 25.076'
Bear Spring Rd & Willow Ridge Rd N37 12.494' W121 25.312'
"Camp Bullit" N37 10.400' W121 23.807'
4-way: County Line Rd, Kaiser Aetna Rd, Long Ridge Rd, Orestimba Cr N37 09.773' W121 23.897'
Bear Spring Road & Willow Rdge Road N37 12.497' W121 25.313'
Our 2007 Mississippi Lake camp N37 12.360' W121 25.178'
Parking spot for 2007 (backpacker parking) N37 09.679' W121 23.843'
Our 2008 camping location along Robison Creek N37 16.897' W121 21.307'
Gate at intersection just north of Mustang Peak N37 11.212' W121 21.605'
Gate on Long Ridge Rd. N37 11.947' W121 20.952'
Gate on Long Ridge Rd. NW corner N37 12.746' W121 20.526'
Intersection of Long Ridge Road and Jackrabbit Lake spur trail N37 13.245' W121 21.093'
"Camp Nazgul" 2011 campsite N37 13.228' W121 20.606'

The Backcountry Weekend is different every year somehow, and 2012 was no exception. For my 6th BCW, I had a friend that rudely decided to get married on Saturday night! That meant I could only day hike on Sunday. That was a bummer but our "Hillside Stragglers" group hiked from Orestimba Corral to Mustang Pond and back, an 8.4mi. round trip. Again, I've uploaded the track to EveryTrail. I did forget to start the track until we'd hiked a bit, so it starts late but it does end in the corral area as it should.

For 2011, four us backpacked from the backpacker parking to Orestimba where we met up with Sam and Karl. We then hiked to Jackrabbit Lake where we camped for Saturday night. On Sunday we hiked back via Long Ridge Road and Mustange Peak. New waypoints have been added to the list above as usual, and our full track can be found on EveryTrail.

Antony did a solo Friday-Saturday overnighter to Hoover and Coit lakes, which is also on EveryTrail.

For 2010, the BCW was canceled due to rain. Only the park volunteers were allowed to go in and play. I bet that was nice!

For 2009... Hi! This is Antony the guy who usually does BCW with Dave each year. Unfortunately Dave has pissed off to Hawaii so you're stuck with my report this year.

For 2009 we obtained a three day camping pass. The camping pass allows you to park at the Corral provided you have a high clearance vehicle (>8 inches). We entered Bell Station at 1 PM on Friday and by 2:00 PM or so were on the trail. We set up camp at Pacheco Creek Camp on Friday night and made a side trip to Pacheco falls, arriving back at camp just at sunset. The night was very cold with strong winds which I was not fully prepared for, a lesson learned to pack appropriately. On Saturday we headed up Pacheco Ridge to Mississippi Lake and camped at the far end of the lake in a relatively uncrowded spot. That afternoon we took a side trip to Bear Mountain Peak via the Bear Springs trail. I don't expect this approach to be passable in the years to come as the Coyote brush and Poison Oak increase in size. On Sunday we headed back to the Corral via the very steep Hartman trail and Orestimba Creek Trails. Track log in GPX format    AnalyzeTrack text output file

For 2008 we backpacked again, this time to the NE corner of the park, as we'd not been there before. We rode our mountain bikes as far as we could (where Rooster Comb trail starts) and dumped them, backpacking from there up to Robison Creek where we explored and camped for the night. Note that we made a couple of ill-advised "shortcuts" on our first day so follow our track at your own risk, or better yet be smarter than we were and stick to the main trails. Our round-trip ended up at 25 miles. Track log in GPX format   AnalyzeTrack text output file

For 2007, we backpacked from the parking/starting area near the intersection of Kaiser Aetna Rd. and County Line Rd. up to our Mississippi Lake campsite on the NW part of the lake. From there we hiked up Bear Spring Rd. hoping to get close and then cut over to Bear Mtn. peak and the geocache there, but we had to turn back. We were so close, but were about out of water and the brush was very thick (the next year the fire probably cleaned out all of that brush too!) The next day we hiked back to the parking area from Miss. Lake down to the Alquist Trail, then from the end of Alquist back to the Jeep. We visited several caches on the way out but didn't do as much hiking as we had planned the second day. We totaled around 15.3 miles. Track log in GPX format    AnalyzeTrack text output file

In 2006 we made set up camp just above Orestimba Corral for the weekend.

Our Saturday 2006 hiking loop: Orestimba Corral, south on Orestimba Creek trail, west on Alquist trail, north on County Line Rd to Bear Soring Rd to Willow Ridge Rd to Mississippi Lake cache, backtrack to Mississippi Lake trail, south to County Line Road, east on Hartmann trail, south on Orestimba Creek Rd to Orestimba Corral:
11.3 miles, 7 hours, 2400' elevation gain. Track log in GPX format    AnalyzeTrack text output file

Our Sunday 2006 hike: Orestimba Corral, south on Orestimba Creek trail, east on Mustang Cutoff, north on County Line Rd to Mustang Peak then back the same way:
7.8 miles, 5.5 hours, 1800' elevation gain. Track log in GPX format   AnalyzeTrack text output file

Our Saturday 2005 deathride: Starting at the intersection of Kaiser Aetna Road, County Line Road and Orestimba Creek Road, we mountain biked the obvious routes up to Rooster Comb View, then back and west to Paradise Lake, then back east across to Jackrabbit Lake, then back to where we started.
About 20 miles and 8 hours.

The following two tables are ones I picked up somewhere, either on the net or the park map perhaps? I don't recall.

Destination/Route from Pacheco Cr Crossing Round Trip Miles RT Elevation Gain RT est. Time: Hike RT est. Time: Bike
Brem Spring Horse Camp 1 50' 30 min 15 min
Dowdy Ranch via K-A Rd (steep in places) 4 980' 2.5 hr 1 hr
Dowdy Ranch via Pacheco Cr & Max's Corral trail (starts easy then steep) 4.3 1040' 2.5 hr ?
Burra Burra Pk via K-A Rd (loop up Rd back on steep singletrack) 6.1 1820' 3.5 hr 1.5 hr
Orestimba Corral via K-A Rd 7.7 1100' 4 hr 1.5 hr
Pacheco Falls via Pacheco Ridge Rd, Pacheco Camp & Wood Duck Pond 12.7 2680' 7 hr 4 hr
Pacheco Falls via Pacheco Ridge Rd & Volunteer Trail (shorter but rougher) 5.4 1540' 5 hr 3 hr
Coit Lake via Pacheco Ridge Rd, Pacheco Camp & Coit Rd 13.7 2780' 7.5 hr 4 hr

Destination/Route from Orestimba Corral Round Trip Miles RT Elevation Gain RT est. Time: Hike RT est. Time: Bike
Will's Pond 1.4 150' 45 min 15 min
Orestimba Cr/Road Loop 3.9 620' 2 hr 1 hr
Kingbird Pond Loop 4.9 780' 2.5 hr 1.25 hr
Mississippi Lake via Alquist trail and County Line Road 8.8 1450' 5 hr 2.5 hr
Mustang Peak via Mustang cutoff/County Line Rd 7.7 980' 4.5 hr 2 hr
Mustang Pond via Orestimba Cr Trail and trail to pond 9.4 900' 4.5 hr 2.5 hr
Paradise Lake via Orestimba Creek trail 13.1 1160' 6.5 hr 3.5 hr
Jackrabbit Lake via Orestimba Cr trail and road 13.4 1380' 7 hr 3.5 hr
Coit Lake via County Line Rd and Coit Rd 13.7 2700' 8 hr 4 hr
Long Ridge Loop via Orestimba Cr trail/Rd, Long Ridge Rd 14.1 1900' 7 hr 4 hr
Lion Canyon via Orestimba Cr trail/Rd and Rooster Comb trail 15.6 1500' 8hr ?
Lion Canyon, Alquist Trail and Rooster Comb Trail are closed to bikes

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